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Air Import & Export

     ·    Pick up and delivery     ·    Packing services     ·    Customs clearance

     ·    Letter of Credit             ·    Cargo insurance      ·    Export license

     ·    Re-forwarding cargo (Sea & Air, Air & Air)         ·  Door to Door

Ocean Import & Export

     ·    Pick up and delivery     ·    Packing & crating     ·    Letter of credit

     ·    Export license             ·    AES (Automated Export Service)

     ·    Regular consolidation to Far East ports    

     ·    Oversize and project cargo expertise

     ·    Cargo insurance          ·  Customs clearance

Trucking and Ground Transporation

In fast paced world of logistics and transportation, everything is time-sensivtive and time-definite. The marketplace demands prompt and efficient service.  Those demands are met by ANA Express. Our local pick-up and delivery, long-haul service and heavy hauling networks allow us to provide logistic solutions to our clients.

Warehousing and Distribution

ANA Express exemplifies confidence when providing the maximum level of customer satisfaction and service to our clients. We are an outsourcing provider in the warehousing and distribution industry with an unmatched global network and management system dedicated to help reduce costs effectively.We will utilize our extensive knowledge in the warehousing & distribution industry to promote companies considering the possibility of outsourcing all or a fraction of their local, domestic, or international activity. Moreover, we can assist our clients in continuously decreasing turn around times, maximizing the demands of the supply chain, and offering complete inventory control.

Project Cargo

ANA Express is here to provide cost effective customized logistics solutions for our global clients when transporting Bulk, Oversized and Project Cargo. We offer a service guarantee of safe & reliable transport and delivery of your cargo. We oversee this guarantee with a vast array of products and services such as: Transport Insurance, arrangement of Marine Insurance, Surveying (route specific included), heavy lift and oversized cargo handling, Warehousing, packing, and crating, L/C negotiation, Preparation and full document presentation services.